BEREST PARQUET is a company with a complete production cycle and many years of successful experience in the field of woodworking and the manufacture of environmentally friendly parquet products of the highest quality. Our main motion vector is to ensure the natural comfort of the floor covering of your home.

The floor is one of the largest surfaces in the house. Therefore, we want to be sure that our products are safe for the whole family. We do not use raw materials that are harmful to people or animals. With a high level of professionalism, labor discipline and deep control at all stages of parquet production - from harvesting and drying wood to finishing, we produce flooring for people who appreciate natural, safe and high-quality flooring.

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There is a variety of materials and price categories in the market of construction and finishing materials. Previously the most boring occupation was the choice of flooring, but now this area is actively developing and the market of flooring has the opportunity to work directly with the manufacturer at an open and low price.Therefore, you have the opportunity to buy parquet and other flooring from any wood species from the Ukrainian manufacturer.

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Materials for finishing the floor may be purchased in specialized stores and in the construction markets. But if you want to save your time and money, then you should pay attention to the online store, just dedicated to the floorboard. Shopping on the Internet has long become commonplace, but as far as purchases of construction are concerned, most people are afraid for the quality of the material. Do not doubt! With our online store you get a quality finishing materials.

So, in favor of buying online play such factors as saving time and budget for repairs. It is also worth highlighting the availability of Internet resources, thanks to which you can also buy parquet in Kharkov and do not worry about its delivery.

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Also, most people have doubts about the choice of this or that material. In order to make a choice, it is worth considering the advantages and disadvantages, as well as their cost. Thus, you can make the best choice in your individual case. The most popular flooring is parquet, solid board and floorboard, which we will consider.

First, some interesting facts.

The floorboard and solid board have the following parameters: length 2 meters, and width 20 centimeters.

Many people confuse the floorboard (engineering board) and a massive board, but they are completely different. A massive board has a number of advantages and a greater margin of safety and costs a bit more expensive because it consists entirely of oak.

As a rule, parquet board (engineering board) includes three layers. The lower ones are made of coniferous wood, and the upper one has a decorative function. Therefore, for its manufacture applies valuable wood veneer.

It is known that this material was first made in Sweden in the middle of the 20th century. In this case, the lamellar principle was used, which was previously used for the production of doors.

The advantages of floorboard and solid board

We list the main advantages of the floorboard:

  • Laying is quick and easy regarding parquet flooring. By the way, apparently they are similar, but the difference lies in the price. Typical parquet is a bit cheaper.
  • The board is completely natural, you can fully enjoy all the charms of environmentally friendly material. This board does not cause allergies, so anyone can use it.
  • It is not at all deformed  during installation, this was achieved thanks to the design features of production.
  • It is pleasant to the touch and does not have the ability to accumulate static electricity, when compared with other natural materials.
  • It has high sound absorbability. Therefore, your neighbors below will not hear how you walk through your own accommodation.

Disadvantages of the floorboard

Any material has flaws, and the floorboard is no exception. We list the main disadvantages of this flooring:

Buying parquet in Kiev it is worth remembering that this material does not tolerate external influence. Therefore, a sharp heel or chair can leave a mark on it.

Buying parquet in Kharkiv it is worth remembering that it does not tolerate chemical cleaning agents, as well as heat exposure.

In our online store, you can easily choose and buy a massive board, and buy parquet in Kiev and Kharkiv.